Laparoscopic surgery warrants a steep learning curve. Robotic surgical system has overcome this and has emerged as gold standard in delicate and complex urological procedures.

Robotic surgical system uses a 3D camera, which provides 10 times magnified vision to the surgeon. Also, the 360-degree range of movement of the robotic arm enables precision repair of tissues. It thus allows complex reconstructive procedure to be done with keyhole incision, thereby reducing blood loss. A small incision is less painful and allows the patient to mobilize early even after major surgery and return to normal activity soon.

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Patient Stories

P. D.P. Gunawardana Sri Lanka

I am a patient who had a prostrate cancer identified through a MRI scan & biopsy test in a leading hospital in Colombo Sri Lanka, was lucky enough to consult Dr. K. Ramesh at Appolo Hospital.

Julie Nigeria

When my daughter was diagnosed of ureterocele and she needed a surgery, I was confused. Then I came in contact with you. You took your time to explain the procedure to me, you answered all my questions and cleared my doubts.

Medan North Sumatera, Indonesia

My daughter stayed in ICCU for 2 days, and went to normal ward for 3 days more. Total care only about 5 days, and all running well, and until today she doesn’t need to use drugs or steroids at all.